Saturday, May 1, 2010

Enjoying the cool climes!!

Just two days to end the holiday, here I am in Bandarawela spending a short and rather quick vacation. When you are in the buzzing city of Colombo, you never feel that you are stressed out. Because you have all the facilities you need: Relations are around, have faster internet, more signal bars on the phone and shops are just few blocks away. So, you are happy in that way. For the first time I realized, in here you are really happy. It's calm and quiet, less crowded. Sound of the breeze takes you a wonderful journey down the memory lane. Literary, you have sometime for your self.

Tomorrow I'll be going back to that heated city, where noise, traffic, crowd and pollution rules our lives. Soon we'll get used to that lifestyle. Until the day I come back again to this little wonderland I might not remember too how good I felt when I was here. Days are passing by, and we get used to what we do everyday. That's life! :D


  1. Yes. .that’s life. People think that, do whatever things now and get relax later .so, hard working, no relaxation, no smile, working, working and working. Then, when they try to be relaxed, there is nothing. They are old and, may be sick. They have been working for world. Not for themselves…