Friday, May 14, 2010

The little boy in the bus...

It was a busy Monday morning. The chaos at home made me late and by the time I came to the halt the rush hour has begun, and had no option other than getting into the first bus which arrived crowded with hardly any space to stand or hold. But, still I managed to stay close to the door as I didn't want to sweat early in the morning. This was a one door bus, a type of a bus I always thought it looked like a loaf of bread. So, no wonder it had no space.

Despite all the crowd, one tiny little boy who was sitting in the front seat caught my attention. Next to him was a lady whom I thought was his mother. However, after two halts he was busy looking around the bus with an expression "oh! my destination has arrived, can I get down?". When I looked at the direction where he was looking, I saw a face with features very much similar to this boy, and she was gesturing "ya get down till I come". I realized that was his mother. Through the crowd he got down and stood up near the pavement. Keeping his hands on his hip, he was waiting for his mother. I'm sure he must have been thinking 'oh my god what makes her late'. He acted as if he is a grown up. However, He was a darling little one. He was really small, and was wearing a school uniform with a little tie. He was not fair or lovely. But, he was cute and attractive. I guessed he must be five or six years.

Few days later, on a rainy day again he was there in the bus I got onto. He was sitting on his mother's lap. As I settled on a seat somewhere close to his, he kept on looking at me and then got busy looking outside. After a halt, the lady who was sitting there went away. Then he pushed his mother to the empty side and sat like a king at the other end. He fascinated me. I thought I'll write about him. While I got busy constructing this story, I heard little music and saw all the passengers looking around. To see, it was this boy singing. As the bus was less crowded and quieter, everyone heard it louder. Soon, our destination arrived. I was still busy with the story and I forgot that I need to hold my long skirt while getting down. The moment I remembered the skirt, it was too late. Someone was already stepping on it. I looked back to scold. On top of the steps on the edge of my skirt was this cute boy standing thinking what to do. I gently pulled it and kept quiet!

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