Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Change the way you look!

Life is hectic. Everyone is in a race to earn his or her living. People are too busy and tend to neglect their own health too. Because of this, the number of people who are obese is rising every day. When they finally realise it, often it is too late to go for a quick remedy.
However, losing those extra bulges is not impossible at all. It is just a matter of changing bad habits into good habits. Some positive changes in your lifestyle will keep you in good shape. Eating habits and exercising patterns are the most important factors that affect the weight of the body.

Despite the popular belief, eating habits have a greater impact than exercises. However, it does not mean that exercising is not important. Let us give you some tips and tricks to lose those extra pounds and maintain the ideal weight for the rest of your life.
These days one of the main addictions of many people is eating junk food. These are easy to buy, easy to eat and give a good taste. However, did you know that those foods have adverse effects on your weight? If you do not believe this, experiment it on your own. Without changing any of the regular activities, stop the consumption of fast food for a month. You will see a quick drop in your weight. When you finally decide to give up junk food, it does not mean that eating from restaurants has to be stopped too.
Instead, every time when ordering a meal, see if those contain lots of fatty food like oil and sweets. Some websites provide the facility of checking the calorie content of various food items.

They even provide mobile applications, which make it easier to check even while ordering food at the restaurant. Though it is not very practical in Sri Lanka, it still can be used for at least western recipes. The portion size of the meal also plays a major role.
Even consuming healthy food in large potions can still be a reason for a weight gain. To avoid this, keep track of everything you eat including the amount. After a good workout session, a big portion of oily food will ruin the effect of the workout. Keeping a food diary and counting the calories are two popular methods which are used to track the food intake of a person.

Automatically, when we are conscious about the amount of calories we eat, our portion sizes become smaller. However, accidentally eating a large portion is not a reason to panic. Make the next meal smaller. That way your food intake will balance. Usually a woman should eat a minimum of 1200 calories a day; a man should eat at least 1500 calories.
This value varies according to the weight, height and the level of work a person does during the day. When we are not doing anything, or assume we sleep the whole day, the amount of calories we should consume is equivalent to the minimum required amount. Drinking a lot of water and consuming less salt is also important as they prevent water retention of our body.

This is not only helpful in losing weight, but also helps in preventing other diseases. Following a good workout program helps a lot for an overweight person. Because the more you put pressure on your body, it is going to adapt and tend to lose more.
Do a research for a good workout that contains strength training, cardio, and abdominal workout. When choosing a workout see if the duration can be fitted easily to your daily schedule. A workout of one hour or more than one hour will make you to discontinue it sooner.

It is also important when choosing hand weights not to go for lighter weights, which are not challenging, go for the maximum weight, which is comfortable.
Unlike a workout a program, simpler exercises, such as walking are easy to fit into a busy schedule. If you are going to office in the bus, stop taking the bus from the closest halt. Walk a few halts ahead. If you are going in your vehicle, park the vehicle somewhere far away from office.That will save money and at the same time, will give a good workout. Walking is simple, relives stress, and does not need equipment. Trying these simple tricks will change your body unintentionally.

Yoga is also another good way of melting those ugly fats. It has more benefits than losing weight. However, it is better to practice those asanas with an expert. Losing weight does not stop upon reaching the ideal weight.

You have to keep an eye on your weight all the time. If you have changed your habits to change the look, then maintaining the weight is easy. Enjoy every minute of this mission of losing weight. When you are enjoying what you are doing, most likely it will be continued. Live a normal and balanced lifestyle. That is the secret of a good body shape.

Oh! For a beautiful skin!

Despite of one’s gender, everyone loves to be beautiful. We are keen to show off our best appearance at all occasions. With wonders of makeup, anyone can look gorgeous, but it is momentary! What is most important is being naturally good-looking. All of us are born with beauty which is unique to a person. Even though someone is dark, it does not mean that he/she is not beautiful. What matters is maintaining a healthy body. Our skin, the biggest organ in our body, plays a major role in keeping us fine-looking. Glowing and flawless skin can steal even the attention of a royal highness.

It is pointless to spend a fortune on complicated and extensive skin care treatments in order to be a proud owner of a beautiful skin. It is all depend on your lifestyle. Dedicating a few minutes a day for your skin can bring you astonishing results. Today, we will give you some tips to get started.

Always wear sunscreen

Since we live in a tropical country, we are exposed to a lot of sun rays during the day. Wearing sunscreen is necessary to avoid damages caused by UVA and UVB rays. That helps us evade dieses like cancer and to slow down the ageing process. However, what is the measurement to find out the effectiveness of a sunscreen? When you are buying a sunscreen, always check the SPF value. Higher the SPF value greater the protection it provides against UV rays. For better results, applying sunscreen everyday is necessary even if it is murky outside.

Choosing skin care products

We see various TV commercials of skin care products every day. They look promising, and tempting us to buy. However, not all of these products will have an effect on our skin as we expect. It should suit the skin type. Read the label before you buy, it saves a lot of trouble. Wrong type of skin care products may even harm your skin. The best option is to choose all natural products; it will keep your skin looking gorgeous without the use of harsh chemicals. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser as it helps to remove dust and makeup keeping the skin clean. Then apply a light moisturiser, to keep the skin supple.

Massage your face

Massaging the face not more than 20 to 25 minutes, several times a week helps soften the skin and remove dead skin cells with the increment of blood circulation. Before massaging, remove all your make up and dirt. Most importantly, massaging should be done with a light and feathery touch of the fingers. Dry skin should be massaged with cold cream while olive oil is used with a few drops of lemon juice for oily skin.

Drink green tea

Drinking green tea is definitely a good move to make if you want to be healthier. A cup of green tea a day helps you to maintain a healthy weight. Among the benefits we obtain, clear and glowing skin tops the list. Green tea contains antioxidants and vitamins needed for our skin especially people with oily or acne prone skin benefit a lot from green tea.

Exfoliate regularly
The average woman has about 30 layers of dead skin cells on her face. It has benefits like shielding against environmental pollution and UVA rays. However, it has negative effects as well. When the outer layer is thicker, it becomes very stubborn and gives an uneven texture to your skin. These cannot be removed by a regular bath. Exfoliating regularly can tone your skin and reduce acnes. We are not talking about a rough scrub. A gentle scrub that contains fruit enzymes, Vitamin C or other antioxidants, or jojoba beads add extra benefits, like free radical protection and skin brightening. A scrub should be done every other day. Too much scrubbing will remove the natural moisture in your skin.

Apply a five-minute mask

A facial mask also can do wonders to refresh your skin. All-natural (and super fast) egg-white mask is a quick remedy to a younger looking face. Separate an egg, and then apply the white to your face for five minutes before you rinse it off. The egg’s proteins can moisturize and strengthen your skin and help it look fresher.

Live healthier

Many of the best habits for more beautiful skin are habits that will benefit your overall health. Start by eating a healthy diet filled with plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, and drinking at least eight glasses of water per day to keep your skin hydrated. Next, be sure you get your beauty sleep — doctors recommend about eight hours a day for the average adult. Also, try to lessen the amount of stress in your life, as stress can cause harmful chemical imbalances in your system that could result in premature ageing.