Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First day blues…

The writer was a teacher at one of the leading International Schools in Sri Lanka. About a month ago, through the graduate appointment scheme, she received a teaching appointment as combined mathematics teacher. Before she was given a permanent school, she had to undergo a training period of one week at a school. This is what she felt on the first day in that school. This was written on that day, while sitting near the office.
Sitting at the school office in one of the leading girls' schools in Nugegoda, I wondered what I should do. I have left a superb workplace, just for the sake of joining the government service. Though the work was tough and tiring, that place was cozy, cozier than my own home. Tears are struggling to come out, and show everyone here how I miss my colleagues in that school. Already I am homesick.
I looked at the serious and unfriendly faces that pass by. They reminded me of the friendly and loving colleagues I had. I miss them so much. My thoughts races back to the first day in that school. How I was introduced to the others teachers and then how I began that fantastic and happy journey with them. I still remember when I laughed at Mizha for something, how she mocked at me saying "nangi, avilla davas dekaine thama. Eka eka eva kiyanna epa" I laughed at her. She is actually younger than I am. Unlike here, I felt free to tell anything to anybody. Everyone was very nice to me.
Here even the house cleaners look serious and duty conscious. I miss the ones we had in our previous school. They were always with me when I had my routine tummy pains, providing medicine and comforting me until I get better. Not only them, I miss each and every student who loved me, who waited till I come to the class. They treated me as their friend, as their teacher and sometimes their mother. They told me their dreams, expectations and always complimented on what I wore.
I wonder whether I am still accepted in that amazing family. They must be thinking I betrayed them. I do not know whether it is true or not. However, I know I did not mean to. Sitting here at the office, I am a loner. No one is bothered to look at me even. They just pass by, as if I do not exist here. I just hope this is just first day blues…

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