Sunday, November 28, 2010

The right fragrance

It was rather a hot Sunday afternoon and many A/L mathematics students gathered at a primordial hall, the usual venue of one of the most popular tuition classes of the hill country. Sun-rays peeped into that hall through the tiny holes of the rusted roofing sheets, making the inside temperature rise more. The two feeble ceiling fans tried their best to comfort the students. Moreover, the place was noisy as a flea market. 

 We, the girls seated in the front rows were busy jabbering about everything from fashion to boys. Of course, we spoke about subject matter too! It was very close to the starting time when all of a sudden I smelt a familiar fragrance and became very excited. The owner of the fragrance was the person I admired so much and even without seeing him, I sensed his arrival. When I publicised my discovery, the girls broke into a loud laugh. They teased me for being so vigilant and enthusiastic. However, that day I realised how a perfume could go one-step faster, to give an impression about you to the others. Making this impression - positive or negative - mostly depends on how suitable is the choice of your fragrance for your character. 

Today, let us give you some insight tips on how to choose that perfect perfume to give a positive first impression! The body chemistry of a person is unique to everyone. Do not be surprised if the exact same perfume, what your best friend is using gives a different fragrance on you. Looking for a scent that smells great on you is a challenge enough; buying a scent for someone else is worse! Let us guide you to get through this challenging task. 

The first thing to consider when buying a perfume is your daily lifestyle and activities. The type of the person and the weather you are intended to use it in are also important factors. As an example, heat often evaporates perfume faster while cold temperature or humid conditions strengthen it. You might also want to do yourself a favour by avoiding trying too many samples. Later, you may face the difficulty of identifying which is which. One useful tip is, use coffee beans to reset your nose. Using test papers to spray samples helps you to avoid spraying too much samples on you. If you feel that, you like the smell, then spray it on your pulse point. However, refrain from rubbing it into your skin as it can spoil the composition. Leave it for a minimum of one hour and see whether you still like it because perfumes tend to change their fragrance overtime. 

 The top note (the immediate scent) is different from the middle note (the scent 2-30 minutes after application) which is also different to the base note (the scent after 30 minutes of application). It is important that you like the fragrance of the perfume throughout its life. Perfumes can be grouped according to three factors; their concentration level, the family group they belong to and the notes of the scent. Its aromatic compounds determine the properties of a perfume while the percentage of that determines the intensity and the duration of the fragrance.
 Every time when we shop for perfumes, those labels play mind games with us. So, let us decode them for you.

 * Perfume extracts contain a 20-40% aromatic compound. 
 * Eau de Perfume contain a 10-30% aromatic compound. 
 * Eau de Toilette contain a 5-20% aromatic compound. 
 * Eau de Cologne has a 2-5% aromatic compound. 

 Therefore, according to these facts something you should note is Eau de Toilette is not the perfect choice if you are hunting for a perfume that lasts longer. Never apply too much perfume. 

The real art of applying perfume is to find the right amount such that there is a clue of fragrance, and not obvious smell. You can do this by first spraying a small amount on your wrist. With the perfume on your wrist, dab it on your other pulse points, such as the one on your neck, behind your knees, between breasts and of course, your wrist itself. These pulse points are where blood vessels are closest to your skin and therefore are warmer. This means that these pulse points will “transmit” the fragrance for you. Be sure not to miss the pulse point behind your knee because fragrances rise. Remember never to spray perfume directly on your clothing as it will leave a stain and will be difficult to remove. Therefore, always apply your fragrance before you dress.

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