Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking for a puppy...

I believe, a puppy is one of the best companions anyone can have. Friends might run away, will demand for things or they might argue with you for every little thing, but a puppy will never demand for anything other than your unconditional love and care. Considering all the possibilities, I decided that, I do need a puppy too, to be with me all the time. Since I was an allergy sufferer, I didn't have much options to choose from. At the same time, I wanted a fluffy bundle of joy. Then I had no choice other than going for a non-shedding variety.

As anyone might guess, I had very few options; Maltese, Yorkie and Shih-tzu topped the list. I tried my best finding a Maltese in Sri Lanka. I failed. I couldn't even find a person who owned a matese puppy. Then many adviced I should import a puppy. when I tried that option, it was evident that my savings were not enough at all and on top of that many tried to rip me off with fake offers. The same story goes with the effort I took to find a Yorkie too.

 Then I thought, why not a Shih-tzu, they also complied with all my needs. Darling as ever, hilarious, and lovely. Of course they can enlighten my gloomy life. I called few places where they sold Shih-tzu puppies,  but all those came with an unbelievably high price tags. I can't even think of buying a puppy for that price. Now, I'm gloomier than ever before. It kills me sometimes when I think, I might not be able to afford a puppy forever.

Can I ask you for a favour? If you know about a Shih-tzu puppy available for a reasonable price will you let me know?  I badly need a lovely canine companion for my rather lonely life... Thank you loads in advance...

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  1. A dog is a good companion, i agree with you and very cuddly. Dogs are better than people some times. I also badly need to have a dog but we are not allowed in this house.. :-(