Monday, January 31, 2011

It's time to gather...he needs help...

Life is a sort of a race. Many go chasing their dreams despite the hurdles they have to conquer. Some succeed and some don't. The tragedy is, in this race some of them face very unfortunate incidents. This is a story about a young man, who had to face an incident like that.

Those who are into blogging knows him as Ilandariya, a budding blog writer who attracted many readers. He was an employee of a television company, when he realized he is losing the hearing of one ear. It took only  one and half years to convert him from normal status to the deaf status. His world became a silent one. Everyone faced the problem of communicating with him. There was no other way than writing the message and passing to him. According to the doctors if this continues he will not be able talk in the future.

However, there is one way to give back the life he had to this young man. There's a little operation to do. It costs 3 million rupees. This is an amount he or his family cannot afford. He needs our help. Let's get together to give him a new life. Please!!

If you like to help: 0772332071 ,0718050116, facebook : 

Bank account Number 71408612 

(Bank Of Ceylon Matale )

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    Let's make this real!