Saturday, February 12, 2011

Need your opinion...

This is for a paper article I'm doing....Tell me what you think...

When a girl and a boy start a relationship, the boy becomes the entire world of the girl. She spends the majority of her time  with the boy. She sacrifices her friends. Ultimately, her only friend will be the boy. On the other hand, the boy lives his own life with his friends, goes out with them. Enjoys his life. He hardly sacrifice his friends for the sake of the relationship.

Once they breakup, the girl is alone with no one around, but boy has his friends.

What do you think about this? Is this true? Why is this happening?

When you are commenting write your name, job and age (if you don't want to give the exact age give a rough range)

Thank you.....


  1. simple answer... this is not true. the girl never knows the difference between love and vanity. loving the guy does not mean leaving friends and all. friends need to be around. it is about mutual respect and gratitude. the moment either one forgets it, thats it, n you are back with your friends. too bad for the girl though who hastily got herself to be socially confused.

  2. This happens quite often when the girl has had a protected upbringing, or has a shy personality. She has not had the opportunity to build mature relationships with her peers (both male and female) and therefore the attention and the security of a romantic relationship means that her boyfriend becomes the world to her.

    While a breakup may be devastating to both parties, it is the shy introvert (and even boys may fit this description) who suffer the most from the lack of security and support strong friendships give.

    (Angel, doctor, 30 years)

  3. Name - Can't tell,sorry wanna remain anonymous.
    Job - Student
    Age - 20

    This goes both ways, A friend of mine or rather best friend started hanging out more with his girlfriend than us when she joined our college. She was always with him and vice versa, and I also noted that she wasn't with much people when he wasn't around her. The same thing happened to him when she wasn't around but at least he had me to hangout with.

    I have observed this on many occasions.
    The reason as to why this is happening is because the girl/boy wants to please the person by hanging out with his/her friends so instead they try kill two birds with one stone forgetting that there's another bird in the branch above. Catch my drift.

    Nice idea for an article by the way. DO publish it on the blog as well :)

  4. janani.....
    that 100% true....i faced that type of problem and i think boys are selfish.and they think their self only.

  5. Name: as above
    age: 24
    profession: SW Engineer

    No. that is not true. by being in a relationship does not mean that the girl (or the boy) should leave her (his) friends and be only with the partner. that normally does not happens in the real world also. what really happens is we spend less amount of time with the friends. that is normal since you have added responsibility now than before. but this does not mean that any party leaving their friends in the name of the name of the partner. neither me nor my girl has left our friends to keep up with the affair.

    can't comment on what happens after a breakup coz have no idea about that.