Saturday, February 12, 2011

Planning Your Big-Day

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. Not only have the couple, but also all the family members and the relatives from both the sides get together to plan this grand event. Usually preparations begin at least a year before the big day.

Booking the hotel, the florist, the photographer and the beautician needs to be done way before the big day. When it comes to these things, everyone has their favourites and ideas. Obviously, the couple has their own dreams about their wedding and their parents have another set of dreams. If all these dreams match together, all of you are lucky, however, most of the times it is something very unlikely to occur.

Then begins the conflict; the bride and the groom and the parents, conflicts go on. Sometimes it is said, that the bride will be able to understand the real personality of the groom only during this wedding planning period.

Now not only the groom, parents and in-laws can also put a certain amount of pressure when planning this event.They are the ones who do the spending most of the time. Therefore, they expect to run the show according to their wishes to a certain extent especially since they are the ones who know family traditions.

Sometimes objections can arise when the couple wants to do something out of the ordinary. The tragedy of this is that these conflicts, which arise at this point, can prevail throughout. Therefore, the best thing is to avoid conflicts as much as possible. However, it is easier said than done.

The first step in your wedding planning is deciding on the type of the wedding you want. Express those ideas among everybody. Communicate with the fiance, family, in-laws and anyone else who is involved in the planning. This is essential. When you have open discussions about planning, it helps avoid conflicts and all will have an enjoyable time.

Let everyone express his or her ideas. Then choose the best and the most suitable idea out of all. Be patient with everybody. Have some flexibility. Be open to different ideas. If an idea brought by a family member, does not tally with the theme you have selected, politely say so. If the idea is extremely good, try if you can modify it according to the theme. Show that you are making an effort to listen to their ideas. Respect everyone’s views. Make them feel welcomed for the planning sessions.

It is very important fact to take note of your budget. No one wants financial problems as soon as they start a new life. Therefore, spending a fortune on your big day is not a wise thing to do. When deciding on the budget, be practical and realistic. Communicate this budget among everyone who is involved. Then before coming up with an idea they themselves have something to think and something to restrict them.

Another conflict arising point is when it comes to choosing the bridesmaid, the bestman, the flower girls, and the page boys. Many of the relations and close friends will want to take part in the wedding. However, choosing the best people is in your hands. Rejecting others who are willing to take part should be done with care.

Organising a wedding cannot be done single handedly. There should be friends and relatives around the couple for their help. Therefore, make them understand your requirements and get their cooperation. Lastly, through your communication abilities and flexibility you can avoid conflicts and have a smooth and a conflict free wedding. Plan ahead and let everyone follow the plan through discussions.


  1. Planning your big day can be very stressful so I recommend that you get the help of a wedding planner to fully help you with all your needs.

  2. So first to have a participatory wedding planing meeting like how we plan our projects :) ha ha