Sunday, March 13, 2011

Caring for fine hair...

Many women around the world, dream of having long dark bouncy and silky hair. Companies all over the world make money by selling various types of shampoos, conditioners and medications to improve hair type.

Flat and dull fine hair is a menace to every hair owner. This hair type does not enhance the beauty of a person, if not handled properly; it will ruin your image. However, if you know the trick, you do not have to live with unappealing locks.

Beautiful styles are within your reach. Today, let us enlighten you on some styles to pump up the volume of a fine hair.

Fine hair can be maddening. When you look around, everyone seems to own full, luscious locks, while you seem to be cursed with a thin, lifeless strip of hair, which does not add anything to your image. However, if you know how, there are ways to make hair look like the long, fat tresses of Rapunzel’s. Something you first need to realise is that, there is a difference between fine hair and thin hair.

Fine hair is when each individual strand is thin, and the number of strands per square inch is more. However, thin hair is when the spaces between the hair is bigger. A person can possibly have both fine and thin hair. The best way to convert the baby-fine hair to a gorgeous mane is to have the right cut. Discuss with your stylist about the styles that appeal most to your hair type and to the shape of your face. Bobs look great for people with fine hair; vary the length of the cut based on the shape of the face.

A modified bob with uneven ends rather than rounded edges will also do the trick. Bangs work well with fine hair. Try a short, tapered cut. Angles can add volume to your hair. If you are interested in longer hair, try layers. If you wish, you can go shoulder length or a bit longer than that. If you make it too long, you will lose the effect of fullness. Having irregular edges can lighten the hair and add a bit of volume. Having your hair angled for longer cuts, which is longer in the front and shorter in the back, will give your style a better shape.

Trying styles, which push behind the ears, will also make your hair appear full. Pulling the long hair into a high ponytail or a bun while you sleep and letting it down in the morning will help you to give some volume to the hair, while braiding the hair when sleeping can give a wavy look, which will last all day.

Both short and long hairstyles need regular trims to keep up with the shape, to keep their appearance up and to clean up the split ends. There are shampoos, conditioners, and styling products on the market designed especially for fine hair. The habit of washing your hair every two or three days and applying a conditioner only on the ends will stop weighing down the hair.

Fine hair can be oily, as the oils produced at your scalp can easily work their way down the fine, straight strands. If you are seeing greasy strands, use products designed especially for oily hair. Mousse or gel can add volume too. Apply these products to the roots and then blow-dry the hair upside down for maximum volume. Spraying the roots with hairspray will also add long-lasting fullness.

A hair stylist can help with treatment that can add volume to fine hair. Coloured highlights add depth to your hair visually, and can increase your hair texture. Perms are not the horrors you remember from the 80s. Talk to your stylist about how a perm might add body to your hair. With the right cut and care, you will find a fine-hair style that shines.

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