Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's Friday...Not that I cared...

"How dare you challenge me in my own house, within an hour you must vacate the house with your entire family," I barked at the weird looking man who was staring at me across the room. I was angry, ready to turn the world upside down, when I sensed a tap on my hand. 

I looked down to see my darling little dog, Arthur, is trying to wake me up... I had slept too long.. I turned around, my husband is already up and meddling with his dearest phone.

"Hey, you are up?" Turned to me with a big grin on his face. 

I wasn't ready to face the world yet. I had battled enough in my dreams, so, I turned around to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Fifteen minutes might have passed, when I sensed another tap. This time it was my husband, gesturing me to make tea. I ran my hand under the pillow, trying to find the phone. After a few tries, I managed to find it.. 8.20 AM. Time to wake up, after 5 more minutes, of course! This time Arthur was determined to get on to the bed and continue his sleep, literally on my chest.

"Like owner, like dog," My husband, Ara, shot with a rephrased an idiom. 

It was time to wake up and face the world, not that I had any serious work to do. 

Just a quick note: I take my tea very seriously, it is my, sort of, energy drink. The amount of sugar, milk and the strength of the tea has to be exact, therefore I often end up being unhappy with the tea other people make for me, including my mom. When I leave almost half a mug of tea, she always complains, threatening me that she'll never make me tea again. But, she always does. 

So, as a practice I ask for coffee if I know I'm not getting a good cup of tea, simple as that. :)

So, after 15 minutes of sleepwalking/appreciating the nature/making tea, I went back to bed with Ara's cup of tea and my energy drink, to kill next half an hour trying to fully wake up while going through my mail and checking the latest on Pinterest. 

This is more or less my daily routine, unless I decided to go for a run. I hadn't run since Wednesday. I wasn't in the mood and even the last run I had was a pathetic failure. I barely ran 1 mile without stopping. Last week, my husband caught a viral fever/sore throat, so he suggested, my body might be fighting the disease and I should rest a couple of days before running again, which I agreed immediately. 

I waited until Ara comes out of the shower to start making breakfast. I'm not a breakfast person, so it is always breakfast for one and if I'm hungry, I would always make my self another tea. 

Yesterday, I got the email from the University saying that I am accepted. It was a big deal for me (though my dad and Ara argued, they'll take anyone who is willing to pay). While reading the offer packet yesterday, I came across a sentence about applying for financial aid. I stopped reading right there and clicked the link for the application and made myself a mental note to fill the application today. 
First thing, after Ara left to work, I filled the application, dedicating at least an hour from my precious time, not that I had anything important to do the entire day. 

At the end of the application a line appeared that I'm not eligible. 
"What??!! Why did they want me to fill the application then?," I screamed in my head.

I went back to the offer packet and read the next line. It said 'Masters degree Students are not eligible for financial aid.' Lesson learnt: Always read the entire thing before you act. 

However, morning went by faster than I thought. I promised my reporting manager (I'm a freelance writer for a solar company in Sri Lanka) that I'd send the long due article, today. He even joked that it might have been the cause for the rain in Colombo. 

However, it started raining in Columbus, OH too. When it stopped raining it was still gloomy. I justified that I really deserved to catch a few winks, before I start writing the article and Arthur seconded it. That's all I needed! :)

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